Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whats going on ?

I have't posted anything in a while. 

The reasons are: 

A) I'm still unable to take good photos of my completed models. Be it 15mm or 25/28mm or bigger. It might be me. It might be my camera I don't really know.

B) My gaming is in hiatus. I don't have any incentive to paint my lead. New army lists in DBA 3.0 mean that taking pictures of soon to be invalided armies is in my opinion pointless now. I don't have figures to convert my DBA 2.2 Hittites and Hurrians in to proper all options DBA 3.0 armies. When I will have spare money I might order them but for now those armies are a testament to army list changes.

C) In my spare time, when I want to paint or convert, I prefer to work on my 1/144 Gundam model kits. I'm learning how to properly use plasticard. This gives me much joy as I'm the sole creator of my work. It's almost as fun as sculpting.

I will try to make better and proper pictures of my 15mm DBA armies but time will tell if I do it.