Saturday, January 28, 2012

Few WIP Photos.

Those are the things I am now working on in my spare time:

Southern Heavy Gear mechs on custom 40mm sabot bases and WW2 15mm Soviet Engineer-Sappers.

Essex Kassite and Later Babylonian Army. The chariots are glued to their proper bases by wheels so they can be painted easily without much hustle. Chariot crews are custom ones as the figures that were in the pack did not have bows. Chariots themselves had their axles moved back to give them more historical look.

0 Gundam that had one of his joints broken. Now its glued back with a pin inside. It's a third thing that had broken in it. First was the sword handle and then the pelvis peg.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I just want to give thumbs up to Sarissa Precision. They are UK based company that make laser cut mdf terrain and bases. I ordered several packs for DBA use and some 40mm rounds. The shipping is very reasonably priced and the items are quickly sent. I'm sure I'ill make many more orders with them.

The bases and some Heavy Gear figures that I'll put on 40mm rounds using magnets.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo update 4.

This is a quick photo of my assembled Heavy Gear figures. Four Anolis Refit and in the middle one Black Mamba.

I've converted their guns in to bullpup versions to tie them with the IMI Tavor that Israeli army now uses.

Photo update 3.

For a joined Christmas and birthday present I got myself some Heavy Gear minis to use as 15mm near future mechs. Those that can be seen on the photo are Southern Anolis Refit units and a Black Mamba. I have updated their weapons to give them more modern (current) look. I plan on painting them in IDF colors.

Photo update 2.

After construction, next to some miniatures for a sense of scale.

The figures are (from left): Yu Jing Yaokong, Yu Jing Monk, Wulfric the Wanderer, 15mm Xyston Thebans

Now I need to create some rules for it, because it's to cool to stand on a shelf without taking part in wargaming action.

Photo update 1.

Here you can see my birthday present beeing constructed: