Monday, December 7, 2015

QRF / TSS - 1/100 15mm - T-64BV

Some quick photos of my 15mm QRF / TSS T-64BV Tanks. I think that those models are great. All tanks are the same, they have been modified by me. Some have fenders removed, some have searchlights covered. These tanks need some more work to be ready: drybrush with green paint, white crosses painted and all visors painted red.  I plan on using american Abrams rules for them, as they are superior to bare T-72 tanks that Soviets are using in Team Yankee.

My Russian / Soviet vehicle park.

My Russian / Soviet vehicle park. These models are in various stages of completing. All bases have to be finished. I think that all green vehicles will receive white crosses. This will help them while gaming against other soviet forces. All models are made by QRF/ TSS and Zvezda. These are T-64s, T-72s,  T-90, Shilka, Gviozdkas, BRDM, BTRD, URAL and BTR-80s.

Oddzial Osmy - 1/100 15mm - Green Men

Oddzial Osmy Green Men from Crimea / Modern Russian Soldiers in 15mm. I've painted them a while ago. I wanted the foliage to match their green camouflage. These miniatures are superb, but buyers should be wary that the material they are made from is very hard. Parts will break rather than bend. All figures are individually based and magnetised to FOW / Team Yankee bases. 

Rebel Minis - 1/100 15mm - US Army Platoon 2

Some better photos of my Rebel Minis Team Yankee US Army platoon.