Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unpainted lead waiting for spare time.

Those are the things that are currently waiting for paint:

Untouched, uncleaned:
-DBA Mitanni Army
-DBA New Kingdom Egyptian Army
-DBA Viking Army (in post)
-DBA Kassite Army (in post)
-DBA Early Polish Army (in post)
-3 Bases of camp followers: 1 Roman, 1 Macedonian, 1 Greek.

Cleaned, base coated:
-DBA Macedonian Army
-DBA Macedonian Army
-DBA Hittite Army
-DBA Polybian Roman Army
-DBA Polybian Roman Army
-8 Bases of Italiotes
-8 Bases of additional miniatures to make more Macedonian successor options.
-3 Camps: Roman/Greek palisade 1, Roman/Greek palisade 2, Ancient Near Eastern wall part.

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