Friday, July 22, 2011

The Cleaning.

I had some time, and the weather felt good so I took my Romans to coat them in GW Purity Seal (satin varnish) and behold what happened:

The whole army got it's purity sealed and have been covered with grayish mist thing. I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have left them outside for this long ( 5h).

I knew that I'd have to clean them, and that it wont be easy. I've read the TMP discussion and with my fingers crossed tried several options.

The first contender was:

Cheap nail polish remover, and the result wasn't satisfying :

The second contender came from hobby supply shop :

Acrylic paint thinner, it costed twice as much as nail polish remover but the result was good, there was some rubbing required and the figures ended being covered in cottonwool:

The last item used was Revell Brush cleaner, costing three times more than acrylic paint thinner:

And the result, was great. Everything was removed. Even the paint.

So what is the best option ? Here it is:

By replaceing cottonwoll with foam that comes in 28mm figure blisters I came with a solution that works realy fast, leaves the paintwork and does not leave cottonwool sticking to pointy elements.

That's all. Hope someone finds it useful one day.

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