Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the table 2012 - 07

At the moment I'm working on 15mm Celtibernian and Lusitanian Army. The miniatures are from DBA Army Pack by Corvus Belli with the addition of one blister to crate all options for both armies.

In the CB Army Pack there are  enough miniatures to make:

1 3Cv
1 2Lh
1 2Ps (Slingers)
3 2Ps (Jevelin/Spear armed men)
6 3Aux/Wb (Sword armed)
1 4Bd (Sword armed)

The Aux/Wb/Bd figures have two shield options: round and oval.  In the Lusitanian Army list some of those Aux/Wb/Bd should be based as PS, because in the army list there are 7 2PS.

I decided to buy one pack of the same Jevelin/Spear armed men that are given to make 3 2Ps in Army Pack. Thanks to that, just by buying 8 figures, I will gain the ability to field my figures as two differed Armies. I will have to check what, miniture wise, are the differences between Iberian and Celtiberian armies. I know that in game one has Aux and one Wb but if the figures are the same, it would mean that I will have 3 armies that quite different to play with. All of that just from one  Army Pack supplemented by 6 figures from one figure packl. In total I should have 16 elements to paint with 7 of them being 2Ps.

Later I will put the unboxing photos.

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