Wednesday, April 29, 2015

QRF / TSS - 15mm T-72BA with ERA (T-72BV) and Zvezda 1/100 T-72BV

Like most wargamers that want to get 1/100 15mm Cold war or modern figures I was drawn to Geoffs QRF Models. I've acquired several packs of infantry models and some vehicles. QRFs range of kits is quite amazing so it's the place to get your cold war / modern models. One thing that many wargamers find themselves questioning is figures comparability between ranges. With infantry you can end up having Xyston Republican Romans on one side and Corvus Belli Carthaginians on the other, the Romans being more than a head taller! With modern vehicles it is industry standard to make kits not in 15mm scale but in 1/100 scale. So in ideal world every T-34 should be the same, but there are some casting issues that lead to differences. With the advent of computer designed plastics that have exactly 1/100 scale those new kits become benchmark for scale purposes.  Not always rightly so as show measurements of Zvezda 1/100 - Hot War - BTR-80 compared with wikipedia (it could be wrong, I suppose that Russians know the right measurements of their APC).  

Back to the QRF and Zvezda 1/100 T-72 kits. With QRF T-72BV being in many figure collections it must be interesting how it compares with Zvezda T-72BV.  I will not post straight photos side by side as the tanks are only in name the same type. Whats funny is that the T-72 variant shown on Zvezda art box is not in the box, but can be bought from QRF.  If you get both tank you will quickly find out that they are different measurements wise. But the close inspection will tell you that both tanks have tracks of the same length, guns of the same length, turrets of the same diameter and main tank chassis of very close length. The differences stem from the way tracks are mounted in QRF tank compared to Zvezda making it sit lower, Rear fenders that are much shorter on QRF tank, and turret being shorter than Zvezda. What you can see on pictures is Zvezda and QRF chassis with Zvezda turrets. The QRF chassis has been slightly modified to match Zvezda tank. I believe that both tanks are compatible and with the little work they will blend well together an any army. Personally I prefer QRF Models T-72 detail and Zvezda T-72 fenders length, and turret height. The QRF turret / Zvezda chassis kit will be shown here later. 


  1. Thank you. But it's not that unique. If it was there wouldn't be industry supporting it, and one of the world leading model companies would not start making kits in 1/100 scale. Plus all at all it's just playing with toy soldiers and painting model kits. Most kids did it when I was young and some just keep on doing it:-)