Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zvezda - Hot War - 1/100 - Ural 4320

At last! A new blog post and a new modern release in 1/100 15mm scale from Zvezda. The Ural 4320 truck. I hope we will soon see all the other kits that are in pipeline: Shilka, 2S1 Gvozdika and M109. 

About the new plastic 1/100 15mm Ural 4320 - it's a nice kit. Very, very well detailed it's definitely in different league than Zvezdas M1A1 Abrams. On the downside it's not that easy to assembly and some parts are quite fiddly. 

Here you can see some pictures of it with some other Zvezda 1/100 15mm modern Russian vehicles, QRF BTRD and 15mm soldiers by: Oddzial Osmy - "Green Man",  QRF - Modern German and Rebel Miniatures - Modern American.  As soldiers are based on 10mm coins, and have their own moulded bases I've put the new Ural 4320 on a base for some pictures.

All models other than the modern german soldier are on various stages of work in progress.

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