Friday, November 27, 2015

Modern Syrian Army T-72 - 1/100 15mm

I don't have much to write, because I haven't painted much. I have several tanks waiting for the last coat of paint, multiple bases to be done and infantry to be finished. I have Team Yankee preordered and plan on  getting Osprey - Black Ops game rules.  When I have some spare time I fiddle with green stuff.

Here are my modern Syrian tanks in 1/100 15mm. Two tanks are made by Zvezda and one by QRF/TSS. I have added sandbags to the front of  Zvezda downgraded one, to hide modern armour. The QRF/TSS had a lot more done to it: side skirts were covered with sandbags and tower received additional armour to make it higher (More in line with Zvezda tanks, as it was sitting low.), last but not least its tracks were replaced by Zvezda tracks. I think that when painted it would look ok. 

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