Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rebel Minis - 1/100 15mm - US Army Platoon

Just some quick photos of my completed american army infantry platoon. The figures are by Rebel Minis supplemented by some QRF/TSS Modern US Army designated marksmen  there are also some QRF/TSS Modern US Army commanders. I sculpted parts of body armour, backpacks and googles on QRF/TSS figures to blend them better with Rebel Minis troops. I don't think that those two lines should be mixed together, the sculpting is very different even between both QRF/TSS packs, with marksmen having a superior sculpt. 

The figures are based individually and then magnetised to FOW/Team Yankee style bases. I followed platoon composition that was previewed which does mean I had to add additional Javelin armed soldier and remove two men from platoon (Real platoon has 28 men including 3 Javelins vs 27 men including 4 Javelins in TY).  The TO&E I fallowed is for Bradley mounted soldiers and is rather modern with designated marksmen present. I probably should have one SAW per fire team and not per squad but I didn't had necessary figures. I might order some Peter Pig SAW armed troops to make my platoon more real. 

Lighting is bad on the photos and detail is lost but its better to show something than stay quiet. The camouflage is some type of modern dry one. I wanted those miniatures to be usable as any army using AR15 and Fritz helmet post 2001 year, thus there are no markings painted and camouflage is abstract one. I think I might add one more type of foliage to the bases but I am not 100% set on it. The hardest part was matching new figures to the ones painted over a year ago. 

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