Friday, November 27, 2015

Preparing for Team Yankee

Team Yankee by Battlefront is coming soon. Thus I started preparing my forces. I am not sure what side I will play thus I have incentive to paint both Russians and Americans. I have enough American army figures by Rebel Miniatures to create two full Team Yankee platoons. One is almost finished.
For Russians I have modern Zvezda T-72 tanks, which are historically inaccurate, but so are T-72 tanks by Battlefront, as in 1985 in Germany Russians would have used T-80 and T-64 tanks. I have 4 T-64BV tanks that need last coat of paint. But I don't want to use them as inferior T-72s. I think of creating count as force using American rules. I will use figures by QRF/TSS and have everything replaced by soviet stuff that Battlefront is not making. This way with photoshopped cards it should create less confusion than using for example Hind and saying it is Cobra.  I envision this count as force this way:

Soviet replacements    - USA

T-64BV                       - M1 Abrams
BTR-80                       - M113
BRDM-2 (AT-5)         - M901 ITV
SA-9                            - M163 VADS
2S29                            - M106
2S3                              - M109
Mil Mi 8 Hip E           - AH-1 Cobra

For infantry I'd probably use Eureka Miniatures modern Russians painted like 1985 Soviet troops. They could represent afghanka uniform wearing soldiers in body armour.

Sneak peak of US Army infantry platoon. Painted figures by Rebel Miniatures, unpainted by QRF/TSS - those are designated marksmen from current TO&E. All figures are based individually and magnetised to FOW style bases.

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